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Rosacea Testimonial

Rosacea / Chronic Skin Condition Testimonial

Linda Parker is a Naturopath and she saved my life!!! Yes, she cured my chronic skin condition. For seven years, I was suffering with a skin condition known as “Rosacea”. Before Linda, my...
Alopecia - Hair Loss

Alopecia / Hair Loss Testimonial

I was at my wits end when I first contacted Linda in 2011. I had been suffering with the immune disorder  ‘alopecia’ and had seen countless doctors and dermatologists and even specialists...
Rosacea treatment testimonial

Rosacea Treatment Testimonial

I can highly recommend Linda Parker’s Skin Program alternative natural treatment for the treatment of Rosacea. Before starting my treatment with Linda, I was very distressed about the condition of my skin...
Child skin Rash testimonial Skin Program Book

Skin Rash on Child’s Bottom – Testimonial

  My daughter had a continuous rash on her bottom which no doctor could explain. With Linda’s expertise and help, (her herbal cream mixture and dietary advice) her rash has now completely cleared...
Candida Testimonial Skin Program Book

Candida Support – Testimonial

  It all started again the week before Christmas. The stress of training 2 new staff and the approach of Christmas didn’t help. I always dreaded this moment. I had been free...
Eczema hands and feet testimonial Skin Program Book

Eczema Patches on Hands and Feet Treatment Testimonial

When I first saw Linda I had eczema patches on my right hand, both feet and was low in energy. I had tried to rid myself of eczema for many months with...

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