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seaweed salad for thyroid

Healthy Thyroid Recipe

“Seaweed Salad with extra Sesame seed” This seaweed and sesame seed salad with a hint of chilli, is an excellent recipe to eat if you are looking to help your thyroid or...
Thyroid imbalance

Thyroid Imbalance? Iodine Deficiency Could be a Cause

Warning! Thyroid Imbalance? Do you Have an Iodine Deficiency? I've found in practice that many thyroid issues go unchecked by doctors. Mainstream blood tests don’t seem to tell the whole picture and...

3 Healthy, Delicious Weekend Recipes for Weight Loss

Out of ideas for cooking recipes to loose weight? Stop worrying! Here are 3 recipes designed for weight loss and speeding up your metabolism to burn fat! Protein Fruit Smoothie - After...
smoking cancer stadistics

Smoking, Cancer, Lymphoma and Wrinkles! – Is it worth it?

How tobacco smoke can cause 16 types of cancers Tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals! Many of these are carcinogens as well as being radioactive! Smoking increases a person’s risk of developing...
gut health

Latest Research related to Medications and the Gut

Did you know...? • New research suggests that more than 200 medicines ranging from anti-inflammatory drugs to antipsychotics, can trigger changes to gut bacteria. Therefore, the need for probiotics in patients taking...

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