Baby Skin Rash
Baby Skin Rash

My 14 month old son developed a red pimply rash on his knee that spread rapidly.  I took him to the doctor, who diagnosed the virus Molluscum Contagiosum.

The doctor advised that there was no treatment available for Molluscum, however that it was self-limiting and should heal itself within 18 months to 2 years (!!).  He also advised that the virus is particularly contagious and therefore I would need to be very careful that the rash didn’t spread further on my son’s body, and also to the rest of our family.

I was very unhappy with the diagnosis and lack of treatment, so I took my son to another doctor for a second opinion & was told the same thing.

Within a month the rash was almost the size of my hand, and nothing I did seemed to have any effect on it at all.

Then we saw Linda.  Linda’s approach was very kind, and very thorough.

Linda was unsurprised about the doctors’ response, and was confident that she could assist with Logan’s rash.  She recommended a three-way approach, prescribing some vitamin supplements, a herbal topical cream (which she mixed herself), and some simple food restrictions.

To my surprise, delight (and disbelief!) the angry-looking rash disappeared within approximately two weeks.  The skin is now completely back to normal.

I can’t thank Linda enough.  She will certainly be my first port of call in the future.

Linda’s natural remedies were able to assist so effectively, while the doctors could suggest no treatment at all.  And I’d much prefer to use gentle natural remedies on my baby.



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