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It all started again the week before Christmas. The stress of training 2 new staff and the approach of Christmas didn’t help. I always dreaded this moment. I had been free from a bad candida infestation (thrush) for 11 years but the last time, just before completing my university degree had left a lasting impression.

Straight away I went to the chemist and bought Canesten cream and I started on the road to 10 weeks of hell. Which at the end of this time I can report that I had seen my doctor twice and a gynaecologist plus the top draw of my bedside table was full to the brim with empty packets of creams, applicators and tablet bottles.

By the tenth week, I was at my wits end. I was screaming inside. My husband wondered who he was married to I’m sure. I was tearful and frustrated and so…so…itchy!

It came to a head when I was standing on the platform at Wynard Station, waiting to catch my train home and I thought how easy it would be to just step in front of a train and end it all!

What a horrible thought. I had never ever thought like this before and I hope never to again.

I was determined right then to try something different. I went to the Sydney Yellow Pages and looked up Naturopaths and Linda’s advertisement stood out. I picked up the phone and made an appointment…it couldn’t hurt, after all I had tried all the conventional methods.

You could say Linda saved my life – Her Skin Program was hard at first – I had to go through another 2 weeks of hell while the candida fought to stay alive as Linda controlled it.

Linda was like a breath of fresh air, after the unsympathetic male doctors.

The first thing that horrified her was that neither doctor nor gynaecologist had told me to remove sugar and yeast from my diet. These products feed the candida and it was these products that I loved the most….but I was being my own worst enemy.

With Linda’s support and knowledge through The Skin Program, I got through and I can now say that I am cured.

Linda is a wonderful Naturopath and Herbalist and I do not hesitate in recommending her Skin Program to you.

J Ebbott


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