The Journey Workshop

Many years ago, I read a book called “The Journey” by Brandon Bays. This book really opened my eyes to the power of the mind and spirit conquering disease.

I had already known this fact, being an avid reader since the age of 14 in all aspects of natural and new age medicine, and already a fan of Dr Deepak Chopra at that age. However, this particular book was written by a woman who was already in the field of natural medicine, a practitioner who had previously worked on stage with Tony Robbins, and gave many seminars on nutritional living health. When she told her story of personally curing her uterine tumour (the size of a basketball), within 6 ½ weeks, it was quite inspirational for me…and the ‘process’ she had devised resonated with me on all levels.

At the time of reading this book, I was consulting one on one in my naturopathic practice in Sydney and I knew then that there was always a piece missing in the healing equation. That piece is probably the most important…the mind changing a past cellular memory and creating a new one in the knowledge that it is source energy.

So now was the right time…. and I’ve just completed my first “Journey Intensive Program” with Brandon Bays in Melbourne last weekend and what a ‘journey’ it was!

Along with around 80 other women (many were practitioners) or artists of some description!, we bonded and created a safe environment of trust and support as we processed and cleared ourselves of past negative emotional thought patterns.

It was amazing to hear the horror stories that surfaced for so many people. Stories of trapped emotions from rape, abuse, abandonment, torture, and much more (and at all ages). These emotions had been pushed down and suppressed for so many years….and were causing disease and illness on a big scale.

The thing is I learned many years ago in practice, it really doesn’t matter how well you eat, how many vitamins you take, how much body work you get, if you don’t sort out these cellular memories, the diseased cell will continue to pass on the poisonous memories to the following regenerative cells and the problem lives on….and is passed on often generation to generation.

Some of the memories were from people who had grown up in cults, some were generational emotions from World War II…. but there was not a person there who did not have past trauma to clear. This is the situation with all disease.

It was a cathartic process to say the least! The looks on people’s faces after a process was lighter, happier and there was a sense of relief, that finally the situation/emotion had been dealt with and forgiven, and an awakening of the spirit arose that put a whole new light or perspective on the past situation and the emotions it evoked.

Dr Deepak Chopra explains “All disease and illness is just the loss of the memory of wholeness at the cellular level. When a cell loses its connection with the rest of our body, it begins to act randomly, causing havoc and destruction.”

What the Journey processes do, is “interrupt” the memories stored in the degerative cells and replace them with positive and healthy memories, so that the magnetic charge around that past situation and memory is altered and now that altered memory in the cell can pass on to the new cell this healthy vibratory state and replicate perfectly, in perfect health.

It seems that all the survivors of so called “inoperable diseases or of serious illnesses” have a common theme…that they were all able to communicate/sense/feel that they were infinite intelligence, the wisdom that lies outside of our minds, yet penetrates every particle of the universe.

These survivors become reawakened to the knowledge that they are spirit first and foremost and find the way to tap into infinite intelligence. They then re-ignite the natural healing mechanisms of the body and access their internal natural pharmacy to rebuild perfectly healthy cells and create healing, not only on a physical level but also on an emotional and spiritual level, covering every aspect of your life.

Quite the journey!

The Journey Workshop


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