gut health

Did you know…?

• New research suggests that more than 200 medicines ranging from anti-inflammatory drugs to antipsychotics, can trigger changes to gut bacteria. Therefore, the need for probiotics in patients taking all classes of pharmaceuticals, not just antibiotics is important.

• Recent research confirms the environment plays a much greater role than genetics in determining the composition of the human gut microbiome, with approximately only 8% inheritable.

• Irrespective of the persons genetic background, positive dietary and lifestyle changes can  alter the microbiome of the gut to improve clinical outcomes and symptoms.

• The gut not only houses bacteria but also yeasts, fungi and viruses that also inhabit virtually every part of the human body.

• Genomic testing has revealed dozens of previously unrecognised viruses resident in the gut, lungs, skin and blood; many whose role in health and disease remains largely unknown. While many viruses are disease-causing, others chronically infect humans without inducing symptoms.

• Playing many roles; childhood viral infections support healthy immune development, some viruses attack pathogenic bacteria, and yet others have been associated with spontaneous cancer regressions.

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