Rosacea Testimonial
Rosacea Testimonial

Linda Parker is a Naturopath and she saved my life!!! Yes, she cured my chronic skin condition.

For seven years, I was suffering with a skin condition known as “Rosacea”.

Before Linda, my family doctor treated me with various medications.

She prescribed the pill, antibiotics and various others but nothing really worked.

I clearly recall taking a total of 6-8 antibiotics each day for a long period of time…

(Little did I know that the medication was actually “feeding the problem” not helping it!!!!).

Becoming increasingly frustrated not to mention my self esteem and social life taking a big bashing; I requested a referral to a Skin Specialist.

(This was the start to a long journey that got me no where!!!)

In fact, I have since seen a total of 3 different Skin Specialists!!!

However, my hope soon turned to despair!!!

(I soon realized there wasn’t going to be a cure for my condition, as they were all prescribing the same medication that is the pill and or antibiotics!!!!).

“Been there done that”!!!!

However, the last Skin Specialist suggested I try something different!!!!

That was very encouraging but my hope soon faded again when I heard her mention “Roaccutane”

I had read about this medication through my extensive research and under no circumstances, was I prepared to try it!!

This medication has severe side effects and I do not recommend it to anyone.

The Skin Specialists encouragement and persuasion did nothing to convince me to try Roaccutane.  Once again, I wasted my time.

Some time later, I came across Linda Parker’s business card in an organic juice store that I frequently attended.

Her business card mentioned how she specialised in skin conditions and the word “Rosacea” was clearly listed.  Well, that was all it took, I was so excited!!

I was on the phone making my first appointment.

I meet Linda for the first time in October 2004.  I was welcomed and made to feel at ease. She was very informative and offered me her guidance.  Linda prescribed the relevant supplements for my condition and recommended I make some life style changes.

I therefore, changed my diet, drank lots of water, exercised whilst taking the supplements and that’s all it took!!! I mean it wasn’t an overnight cure but the point is it eventually happened!!! After years of suffering I was finally cured.

I continued seeing Linda for approximately 3 months. My skin condition was improving and with that my confidence levels increased making me a much happier person. I finally found the right treatment and I thank Linda for that.

So please don’t suffer in silence and don’t bother with Western medicine, if you suffer with Rosacea, contact Linda, she is a wealth of information.

I thank Linda for putting the time into researching the many aspects that contribute to skin diseases.  You are a source of hope to all in need.

Regards and most sincere thanks.

Angela Cuppari
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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