Treat Hay Fever

Hay fever season tends to sneak up on us at this time of year….it has for me.

What’s Hay Fever?

Hay fever is an allergic condition affecting the mucous membranes of the nose, forehead, eyes and air passages and occurs mainly in spring. Hay fever is caused by an over-reaction of the immune system, to an external allergenic substance such as pollens or grass seeds.

One day you’re fine and the next you’re a blubbering mess! You have to carry around a box of tissues wherever you go and you just can’t stop sneezing…on top of that your head aches, your eyes water and your nose won’t stop running!….sound familiar?.

For those of you who live near flowering trees, shrubs, grass and flowers, this can be an all too familiar event. I notice also, just walking the dogs around grassland areas such as golf courses and bushland, the grass is seeding and the pollens on the trees are out in full force!.

But, What can you do? Are you sick of taking antihistamines? Are you worried about the side effects?. Here is a list of some of the trees and shrubs in Australia that can cause you problems:

  • Plane trees
  • Wattle trees
  • Banksia trees
  • Ivy
  • Privet trees
  • Lillipilli trees
  • Grass seeding

We are all exposed to these substances, but why is it that some people are more sensitive than others and can react violently when exposed to these substances?

The main reason is due to a depleted immune system due to stress and poor nutrition. Sometimes it is inherited, your parents may suffer as well, however, if the person’s immune system is strong, it can bypass you and the ‘genetic weakness’ may not even show itself.

How to prevent and treat the symptoms of Hay fever?

My number one go-to vitamin to support your mucous membranes, along with instantly increasing your white blood cell immunity, is Vitamin C Powder. Choose one that is PH adjusted, that is, gentle on the stomach, with Hesperidin and Cysteine, to strengthen the membranes against the attack of allergens.

My favourite Vitamin C Powder is the brand Metagenics (practitioner only) “C-Ultrascorb II Powder, 250g powder. It also helps form collagen, great for the skin, promotes healthy connective tissue, bones and teeth. One heaped teaspoon 2-3 x day with acute hayfever, is going to really help.

Diet is also very important at spring time. Dairy products such as milk, cream, butter, ice-cream and yoghurt are all mucous producing…which is the last thing a hay fever sufferer needs!…so please come off dairy, and replace it with almond, organic soy non GMO, rice and other nut milks and fresh carrot and citrus juices.

Also, have extra fresh garlic, ginger and horseradish in your diet for their antibiotic effects along with promoting good blood flow.

Plus, hayfever sufferers will benefit from steam inhalations at night help, of eucalyptus oil with chamomile essential oil over boiled water. This will help clear the congestion.

So, those are a just a few tips and ideas to use if you have hayfever, and hopefully you’ll be able to appreciate spring with all its bright colours and smells, and not dread it. Spring is a wonderful time of year to enjoy, so get out there in nature with confidence!

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