Thyroid imbalance

Warning! Thyroid Imbalance? Do you Have an Iodine Deficiency?

I’ve found in practice that many thyroid issues go unchecked by doctors. Mainstream blood tests don’t seem to tell the whole picture and many times thyroid hormone blood tests come back normal or within range, yet the clinical symptom picture tells another story!

Fatigue, weight gain, depression and general sluggish metabolism all seem to be on the rise. So I’ve really had to start reassessing the health of peoples thyroids and thinking about the quickest and most natural way to improve thyroid function. I’m not going to discuss Thyroxine or its side effects, but rather just discuss the natural alternatives to the drugs a GP would prescribe, without the side effects and adverse reactions of those medications.

Iodine Deficiency and Thyroid problems

Research has found that Australian children between 8 and 10 years are borderline iodine
deficient!…and 12.8% of Australian adults are iodine deficient!

Iodine is King when it comes to Thyroid Health. The thyroid gland contains 80% of the body’s iodine pool.

What is Iodine?

Iodine is a mineral found in only few foods and the body needs iodine from outside sources because it cannot make iodine itself.
We therefore need to seek out iodine from our diets. Unfortunately there is not much iodine in food, however here are some listed below:

Iodine Foods

• Seaweed / kelp / scallops / wakame
• Tuna, cod, prawns
• Dairy / grains / eggs (many people can’t eat these foods due to allergies)
• Iodized table salt and vitamins with added iodine
• Prunes

In the past, Iodine used to be prescribed by Doctors for almost every ailment…yes we’ve
forgotten this fact! Then they started prescribing iodised salt. Now they don’t seem to prescribe it at all… I ask myself why? However it seems that the Pharmaceutical drug companies can’t make any money out of a natural mineral that you obtain from food or vitamins.

Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency

• Swelling in the neck – front and sides (goitre)
• Fatigue
• Weight gain
• Sleep problems
• Depression and irritability
• Dry, flakey skin such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea
• Feeling colder than the average person
• Forgetful of names, trouble retaining information
• Muscle weakness
• High cholesterol levels


Protects the thyroid gland
• An essential micronutrient essential for our survival
• Keeps hormones in balance especially thyroid hormones
• Keeps breast tissue healthy
• Powerful detoxifier
• Tops up iodine deficiencies due to high levels of Bromine in the body from plastics
• Helps headaches / eczema / cancers / allergies / leaky gut / acne / candida
Protects against Radiation of the body from MRI’s, cancer radiation, x-rays etc
• Helps treat water to cleanse for drinking
Protects the foetus brain development in the 2nd trimester and also in infants.

Taking Iodine will protect yor Thyroid gland from being sluggish, which could lead to Hypothyroidism and other hormonal and immune imbalances.

I only trust in “Metagenics” is the Number One Provider of Quality Practitioner Only Natural Medicines in Australia and New Zealand.

If you look to correct your Iodine deficiency here is my best choice:

Liquid Iodine 44ml

liquid iodine


For Healthy Thyroid Function and Pregnancy Support.

Ingredients in Liquid Iodine have been clinically shown to or may:

  • Assist healthy thyroid gland health and function.
  • Prevent iodine deficiency.
  • Support pregnancy health, and development of baby’s brain and central nervous system during breastfeeding.


This Liquid Iodine is easy to take – 4 drops in water 1 x day.

Let’s start looking after our thyroid health, we only have one in our body and it is critical to keep it healthy.

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