Brain Health number one priority

Mood, focus, creativity, and confidence are all brain phenomena. We now live in intense, high-tech times that dictate that the health of your brain is more important than ever!

The bombardment of inboxes, phone messaging, social media and day to day to-do lists, is quite a task and can get overwhelming.

EMF’s, caffeine, stress and a poor diet can all lead to brain fog, headaches, dehydration, bad skin and higher anxiety levels.

There is also a strong connection between psychological stress and the onset of skin aggravations and multiple skin diseases. We have also seen that stress triggers and makes many skin diseases worse, causing major inflammation and irritations. Stress and worrying thoughts contributes to hair loss and alopecia with major shocks to the system being known to cause overnight grey hair in some people!

Many cognitive performance enhancers include high level amino acids, along with Omega 3 fatty acids….but there are quite a few different combinations that work well to power up the brain to help you get even more done in your day!

But do you want to do more, be more, have more? That is the question!

If no, then continue on your merry way – Contentment is to be valued and appreciated.

However, it is human nature to desire more and challenge ourselves. Its’ the thrill of the journey, allowing life force to pour through you…it’s the thrill of the chase, the thrill of the risk, of the kill (so to speak)…it seems to come with the territory of good health and youth. Certainly, as you define what you don’t want, you’ve instantly defined what you do want!

As we age and possibly decline, the desire to do more begins to abate….and the desire to stay the same, becomes stronger. With youth comes enthusiasm and strong desires and with age comes experience and sometimes apathy.

Got Caffeine?

When it comes to caffeine, we all know the stimulating effect it has on our mental performance. This can be good for many situations and be beneficial if taken occasionally or for a therapeutic reason, or even just for the pure joy of the taste of a good expresso! (in complete moderation!) however, it seems that this natural stimulant is becoming an addictive drug and a societal issue. It also has many negative side effects in large quantities and in particular causes dehydration, over-acidity, a drop in energy and an increase in brain fogginess after the adrenaline surge is over! It can also contribute to adrenal exhaustion and in those of us who may already be in a stressful situation, caffeine will certainly not help.

How about a bit of balance then! Maybe it’s time to really take care of the brain…the controller of the body.

There are times where we really need to focus more acutely and rely strongly on alertness, memory recall and cognitive function eg sitting an exam, driving, playing chess, or just problem solving, but lets face it, the brain is always switched to On, so why not make the most of it and give it the protection and the respect it requires.

My Top 10 Natural Remedies for a “Brain Power Boost”

  1. Turmeric
  2. Brahmi
  3. Ginkgo
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Green Tea
  6. Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6)
  7. Filtered water
  8. Deep breathing
  9. Exercise
  10. Love

The last 3 are probably the most important on the list.

If you decide to regularly take one or more of the above herbal medicines, make sure that they are pure, organic and made with a good formula by a reputable company.

Look after your brain, and it will look after you!

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