Eczema on Hands and arms

Having good skin is your natural birthright! Eczema on hands and arms can be intensely itchy, and can be exacerbating!. There will be red, inflamed, itchy patches of all shapes and sizes on the skin and it CAN AND WILL SPREAD if it is not addressed properly, the natural way!

Eczema occurs in all age groups, from babies to older adults and can appear anywhere on the body from the head to the feet, however it commonly occurs on the hands, arms and legs.

If the rash occurs on the arms or legs, sometimes we can hide it by covering up the area of skin with clothing. However, when the eczema starts to spread onto the hands, face or neck, this is when many people start to panic and look for treatments.

Often they want a quick fix, and who wouldn’t!….but when those quick fixes (eg steroidal creams or antihistamines) no longer work, then it’s time to really look at the cause of the problem and decide to heal the eczema from the inside-out … not heal the eczema from the outside-in!

So what are the Main Causes of Eczema on Hands and Arms?

Roughly 80% of all eczema sufferers have allergies to blame for their inflamed skin….however what is it that creates one person to be more allergic to a substance than another person, exposed to the same substance, and not react in the same way??? The answer is the Stress Response! The immune system becomes immobilised and disrupted by a shock or stressful event. Therefore it is important to address this aspect of the recovery and to change the “perception” to the stressful event AND deal with or neutralise past stressful events, so that we are not reliving them ‘today’….and therefore not affecting us.

Knowing that our immune system affect the condition of our skin is an important step towards recovery. Taking positive steps in our environment and in our decisions to support our immune system via our food and beverages is another way to strengthen our immune system and overall skin condition. Having the appropriate tests done will also highlight many of the causes to the eczema on your arms and hands as well (see Chapter on Allergies in “The Skin Program” p72)

Luckily natural treatment using natural methods such as herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals along with a specific skin diet and addressing stress, can eliminate Eczema totally. Take it from a fellow eczema sufferer for over 14 years, I know and understand how to treat it forever and you will too!


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