4 ways to reduce cellulite

Ladies….listen up!

Secretely we all have a bit, but what can we do to really reduce our cellulite?

There are 4 very good ways to combat the dreaded Cellulite…

1) Deep Tissue Remedial Massage – helps break up fat tissue,  improving blood circulation to target areas….especially good around the buttocks and thighs.

2) Lymphatic Drainage Massage – a specialised form of massage that improves the health of the lymphatic system. It is the lymph nodes that once activated, reduce excess fluid, toxins and waste. It is a very important system to activate in order to reduce cellulite and trapped waste in fat tissue.

3) Lymphatic Exercises – eg rowing machine, step machine and freestyle swimming are the best types of exercises to improve the effectiveness of the lymphatic system and clear away excess fluid and toxins from adipose tissue (fat tissue). This is because these exercises have a “pumping” action which activates nodes under the arms and in the groin areas where the major lymph nodes are located.

4) Herbal Teas – combine the fresh leaves of Cleavers (lymph tonic), Fennel (stimulant) and Dandelion Leaves (kidney tonic) with a few small pieces of chopped Ginger Root (circulation stimulant) and lemon juice (kidney tonic) – these are all very helpful for slimming, cellulite detoxification and excess fluid removal.

Tip: Reduce sugar and caffeine, these are a major causes of cellulite and drink at least 5 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Won’t take long before you feel toned and sexy again with no more cellulite.

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