Top 10 tips for energy boost


Are you tired ALL the time?….
or just struggle to get through the day?.
Do you desperately need to boost your energy?

Well, try these Top 7 Ways to get “All-Day-Energy” to help improve your vitality and overall stamina!

1) Power Breathing – 5 minutes first thing in the morning – then 2 x more during the day. (see the exercises in “The Skin Program”.)

2) Meditation – 10 minutes each morning and 10 minutes each night.

3) Energy Boost Juice after lunch – 1 Apple, 1 x Orange, 1 tspn Spirulina and small piece of Pineapple.

4) Lemon Water – DRINK at least 8 glasses of filtered water with lemon wedge each day! MOST people walk around dehydrated and this one simple act will increase your energy.

5) Sunshine – 5 minutes each day – Extra Vitamin D3 supports
the immune/nervous and skeletal system and is a natural mood booster.

6) Weight Resistance – 5 minutes each morning of body weights to improve physical strength and endurance

7) Snack on Alkalising fruits and vegetables throughout the day – reduces the stress hormone Cortisol and increases vitamins and minerals to improve energy. Apple, dates, figs, grapes, raisins, berries, celery, carrots, cucumber, beets, are just a few examples.


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