Rosacea in Women


Rosacea on the face is quite common in women over 40 years old at some stage. Women are in the high risk group and suffer from rosacea in a ratio of 3:1, compared to men with rosacea.

Sometimes the rosacea is fleeting, and other times it stays for a long time. Either way, it is not wanted and the idea is to try and get rid of it as soon as you notice the symptoms of redness on the face.

There happen to be many triggers which will inflame the skin on the face, however here are the top 5 triggers for rosacea in women, which I consider are the main ones.


Top 5 Triggers for Rosacea in Women

  1. Stress and anxiety – you can’t escape this one, it must be dealt with. This is because it disrupts your blood pressure, arteries, heart and skin and affects your immune system in a negative way.

  2. MSG – a carcinogen that is found in so many packaged foods these days and also is hidden in many others. One needs to be diligent and read all the labels thoroughly. MSG has a major side effect of facial flushing and increasing the body’s temperature gage. If you are eating at an asian restaurant or take away, it is used rampantly.
  3. Menopause – yes just another thing the hormones can be blamed for (at this time in a woman’s life the hormones go crazy) and cause an increase in testosterone and certain oestrogens, which will cause the face to flush.
  4. Caffeine – we know that caffeine causes the adrenal glands to overwork and stimulates skin redness, heat, heart palpitations and sweating. Remember that soft drinks and tea also have Caffeine.
  5. Alcohol – mainly red wine, whisky, vodka and champagne, which are the worst offenders of Rosacea.

So there you have the top 5 problem triggers of rosacea. Try to avoid them, see how your skin will love you for it.

For more tips and a natural treatment of rosacea, read “The Skin Program” book, which will help you eliminate rosacea for good.


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