How to treat Psoriasis naturally

Having a skin condition, like psoriasis can severely affect the quality of a person´s life. Now, more than ever, it is important to treat psoriasis using natural methods and remedies.

What is Psoriasis?

  • It is a chronic, immune-mediated skin disorder affecting 1% – 3% of the world’s population.
  • 6% – 39% of patients with psoriasis may also develop inflammatory arthritis (known as psoriatic arthritis) which is often misdiagnosed.

How to Know if you have Psoriasis?

If you haven’t already been diagnosed, here are some signs and symptoms of psoriasis:

  • Clear distinct borders to lesions and thick skin plaques
  • The lesions surface has silvery-white scales
  • Beneath the top surface of dry scales, the skin has a glossy redness (erythema)
  • Removal of the scales leaves small blood droplets, known as the Auspitz sign
  • Extreme itchiness as the skin cells slough off at a sped up rate to normal skin cells
  • Psoriasis can appear at any age and in any area of the body, however commonly in the joint creases, scalp, arms and legs

Psoriasis Causes

  • Inflammation is the main driver of psoriasis.
  • It can be a component of a deeper metabolic condition such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease or heart disease.
  • Streptococcal infection
  • Stress, poor dietary and lifestyle factors
  • Humidity, strong winds, sun
  • Extremely hot temperatures, saunas, hot baths, overheating
  • Cosmetics, hairspray or other chemical skin care products
  • Medications such as vasodilators and topical steroids

Did you know? Malabsorption is Common in Psoriasis sufferers

A study of 55 patients with psoriasis and 65 gender and age matched controls, revealed a higher prevalence of malabsorption in the psoriasis patients (60%) compared to the controls (3%).

Here are some of the causes of malabsorption:

  • Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance
  • Bacterial overgrowth
  • Parasite infections and infestations
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Stress causing acidic environment
  • Acidic environment from poor dietary choices such as high levels of sugar intake

Natural Remedies: Essential Oils provide Anti-Inflammatory Support

These 3 essential oils will reduce inflammation of the skin and can be used in a warm bath at night or added to your base moisturizer. They have anti-inflammatory actions as well as being antioxidant, anti-bacterial, cooling and soothing … they also reduce the production of skin cells.

  • Lavender oil
  • Australian Sandalwood oil
  • Juniper Berry oil

Psoriasis natural Treatment

  • Follow the Dietary plan and program in “The Skin Program” book
  • Minimise exposure to chlorine – avoid long showers, baths and swimming pools – possibly install a shower filter
  • Ascertain the individual trigger
  • Stop smoking
  • Determine any possible allergies
  • Reduce stress
  • Take Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin C Powder
  • Take Digestive enzymes and probiotics (see natural prescription in “The Skin Program”)

Psoriasis can be treated successfully using natural methods and investigations. It can take a while but is worth it!

A natural treatment using naturopathic recommendations, can take up to 8 – 12 weeks depending on how long it has been around and how committed you are to sticking to a plan. At the end of the treatment, foods can be re-introduced and tolerated by the body… a positive outcome and something to look forward to.

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