Treat Acne naturally

Many of us suffered the trauma of Acne as a teenager. Our hormones went crazy and so did our emotions…just ask our family!

Teenage Acne is no fun at all! Especially when you want to impress the other sex! Usually there is a hormonal component where the acne flares up just prior to a period in girls, but with boys acne, it just lingers and flares up. Stress and poor diet can also be to blame.

We all know what it looks like….but how do you fix it!!

If you implement these 7 habits into your daily life, your skin will DRAMATICALLY improve within no time.

Top 7 Tips to Treat Teenage Acne Naturally

  1. Drink 1.5-2 litres of filtered water each day (this does not include tea or coffee).

2. Eat a raw salad 1 – 2 x day and 3 – 4 pieces of fruit

3. REMOVE refined SUGAR (including alcohol) and hidden sugars in packet foods or takeaway foods.

4. REMOVE DAIRY FOODS from your diet eg butter, cream, ice-cream, milk, yoghurt etc (ie anything from a cow which is very congestive to the skin).

5. Get 5-10 minutes of SUN on your skin/face every day.

6. Balance HORMONE LEVELS with herbal medicine from your Naturopath

7. Wash your hands and face regularly with Sea Salt water washes (warm water).

You don’t need to suffer anymore….be the teenager who has beautiful, clear skin.

Follow the above steps or the more comprehensive steps in the book “The Skin Program” and teenage acne will be something in the past.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments below.

I wish you all GREAT SKIN!

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